Detox and Renew With Ancient Healing Wisdom

Are you ready to clear out stored waste in your body and kickstart 2016 feeling rejuvenated and alive?

Throughout history, with every change of season, people of many ancient cultures would “house clean” to keep their bodies energised and functioning at their optimum.

I’ve spent decades studying and experiencing the protocols and principles of the ancient ‘healers’ and I can’t make it any simpler than this:

Health, longevity and the prevention of disease depend mostly on internaldigestive health.

Think of it like a ‘de-grease and oil change’ for your car. If you never chose to service your car periodically during it’s life, it would eventually cough and splutter and definitely wouldn’t perform at it’s best and may even breakdown.

Your body and health are the same.

So often the source of pain and discomfort in all parts of your body can be traced back to whether you have a “river of life” or “river of death” running through ‘your house/abode/body’.

It’s such a simple, common-sense principle of self care and yet it’s rarely embraced because in today’s world we’ve become so accustomed to treating symptoms – without realising the damage that this causes.

Always remember that your body is a large system of TUBES that are meant to let things in and out, vent and release.

When these tubes get clogged over time and distance, that’s where symptoms of dis-ease start to occur.

Some more on this…

The largest and most critical “tube” of your body happens to be your colon or alimentary canal. 

Your body’s digestive system is constantly bombarded every day, forced to continuously process food.

Day in day out, this takes an enormous amount of energy and when the quality of the food being taken in is not of the highest quality, pretty soon the colonic wall will begin accumulate waste.

This eventually leads to toxicity in your body manifesting itself as “symptoms” in various places.

So what’s the solution to clearing this Tube and starting the process of getting back to great health?

The answer first and foremost, starts with taking care of your colon.

There’s nothing on earth that allows your body to restore and prepare itself for renewal like the process of removing backed up internal waste from your body.

Ridding yourself of excess toxins that are stored in your colon is critical to remaining pain and disease-free and ensuring longevity.

It really is a truest-truth!

And the great news is that whatever damage you’ve done – you have the power to fix it using nature’s medicines! 

One of the best things you can do to pave the way for healing and renewal, is to fast for anywhere from 3 to 7 days days on fresh fruit and vegetable juices (“cold pressed” is preferable, because the nutrients remain intact and are rapidly absorbed by your cells whilst taking the weight off your digestive system).

Anciently, long lived cultures all across the globe would also use another protocol.

They would keep their minds clear and bodies slim and disease-free by embarking on a regime using bentonite clay, flax seed, psyllium husk, cinnamon, ginger and dried apple for TWO days at every change of season or period of renewal.

This deep cleansing process is designed to draw out accumulated debris and toxic residues from your digestive tract (and your entire body), to prepare your body for a nutrient-dense diet to restore, strengthen and help you get your groove back!

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