Welcome to our newest writer for The Nate Max Project “Nooch”

All creatures of our Mother Earth are a product of their environment. In order for survival adaptability is the essence to their daily rituals, wheather it be the part of the mineral nations, plant kingdom, bacteria, insects, animals and the human family. How ever our Mother Earth’s elements change we are a product of that, it is not a choice it is necessity to be one with the environment around us. What working with animals have taught me, especially the canine family is that dogs are relaint on us humans for their life from the basics of food, water and shelter to the exercise, play and love. To help them have a balanced life I must help their entire ‘pack’/ family structure work in sync with each other. As they are a product of their direct environment, we too must change our attitudes, beliefs and actions. Usually the problem behaviours that come to surface are a lack of understanding of psychological and physiological instinctive needs. Finding a way to fulfill those energies of stimulating mind, body and spirit for each individual is important to creating a solution to a balanced life rather than trying to ‘fix’ those inital problems. When we are out of wack internally or externally (mentally or physically) nature will force us to find the balance through the mix of challenge and support.

To make a full circle and make the connection, in order to help the dog have a happy, healthy and enriching life we must understand where they come from on a primitive/instinctive level, to a working/breed perspective. Once we understand what is required we can learn to adapt the instinctive animal to domestic life. I also have gained a greater insight, hasn’t the journey of the wolf/dog been a great example of the human journey. We have helped each others ability to adapt for growth of survival. From the hunter/ gatherer the working animal brought us to the agricultural age. As much as the dog is a product of their direct environment so are we as humans, we once were so close to the land, to our Mother Earth and everything we did was a reflection of the changes in nature. To find the solution of our survival individually and collectively as a human family we must remember our connection to nature. The problems are obvious in our world from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual illness/dysfunction. The key to balance is working together, there are deep and alternate ways of achieving this. My view is constantly evolving through my experiences on this amazing journey. This is food for thought, not an answer therefore take risks, feel from the heart and act in a natural way. Be aware of the influences that surround and shape our experience. I hope I have the opportunity in the future to elaborate on this deep subject but I am honored to have the chance to share this with others. With love, peace and respect. -Nooch


Wolf brother, animal lover, warrior of the light,
carer of Mother Earth.  Loves spending time in nature,
dog trainer, writing from the heart. Uniting the power
of the people and community through the mind, body, spirit.




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