I think the highest form of spirituality is compassion and empathy towards others but even more importantly other beings not human.

Our actions determine our state of mind, if your considering others for their growth and happiness then it shows we are a piece of the whole, which is truly honoring the sacred, the One in all nature.
What is truly destructive is when your actions align with the thought that you are separate from the world of nature and natural happenings. If you think your not directly affecting your community and environment by your choices then you live the illusion and suffer greatly by it spiritually.

Dedicate your life work to benefiting yourself by helping others, feel from their perspective, and if you provide a
service of love, compassion and giving you are doing a service to spirit.

This is today’s perspective. A solution that is achievable by all individuals. Most of the issues in the world won’t be fixed by forcing a boat upstream, but if you can try and flow with the stream of life we are faced with and all paddle collectively we can reach a greater acheivement. For the future of all beings of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

It starts with you (Us).

Much Love & Peace


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Black Moon Wolf

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