A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life

The Evolutionary Order upon this Planet Earth for all “visible and invisible beings”, which should be faithfully followed by all evolving human beings of this planet earth, so they can live “Peacefully Among Themselves” & and also be merciful toward their “Dependent Animals” instead of slaughtering and eating them as “Meat Food”. It is said that Human beings were created in the unknowable’s image for them to have a “Peaceful and Harmonious” existence during their short duration incarnated lives in this dense physical plane world and for them to have a Non Violence Existence among themselves and in the Animal World; humans were given molar teeth like all other vegetarian animals “only to eat plant food” and properly chew it before its consumption, but many of the “Governing Rulers & Theologians” under the influence of dark demonic consciousness energies, negatively propagated among human beings the “Wrong Behavior of Eating Animal Flesh”, which further imbalanced the “Conscious State” of their “Evolving Minds”, thus propagating more ruthless behavior and corrupt activities filled with animal passions in evolving human races, because it is a stated fact, which says “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, as after the consumption, its “vitality” becomes part of your “Evolving Consciousness”. The “elemental lives” group together to compose and thus form the 5 basic elements known as “Ether, Fire, Air, Water, & Earth”. Air is the teacher, water is Father, and the Solid #Earth is the graceful great Mother, which thus “grouped together” exist in the dense dimensional world [physical plane] for the creation and sustenance of “Evolving Human Beings” in incarnated forms, which all exist having their “Gradual Spiritual Conscious Expansions” in their own differentiated conscious “Visible Kingdoms” [Minerals, Plant, Animal & Human Kingdoms].


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