Internal Elements

Learing from the elements of air, fire, earth water and spirit and implicate the wisdom into our internal nature will help on all levels of mind, body, heart and spirit. To flow and move as nature does will improve our ‘human nature’ in physical and psychological situations.

The four directional cardinals north, south, east and west is also closely related to this understanding because as we are spiritual entities experiencing a human/earthly life we must use the physical plane to guide the invisible world of self.

These experiences will build/grow and transform us to be closer to our higher and instinctive self. To reach our highest values is what we strive for. Too much thinking will freeze movement, however feeling will help allow us to move like nature’s elements.

In a physical altercation to experience fear and self doubt will attract the worst. To feel and experience survival and life will help you act from the heart space and allow you to move, block and strike naturally (as intended of true self).

In a social situation to experience frustration and anger will block the natural flow of true self and will fail to reach the highest value and disconnect from the nature around you. Attachment will lead to being consumed and stuck, so remember to breathe and stay centered to flow naturally to express whas true of heart or evade negativity by knowing when to drift away from what does not serve you.

See the metaphor how to breeth (air) stay centered (earth), strike (fire) and flow naturally (water) is the physical natural elements and the internal self of the elements can have a direct and indirect teaching. As above, so below.

We are not witnesses to this life on Earth, nor are we mearly visitors, we are the Earth. Everything that makes up the human body is made from the natural elements of our Earth Mother. Spirit united with the elements creates this experience, understanding the elements of your particular experience can take time to understand but can be so liberating once ackgnowledged.

Move naturally, think freely, don’t get consumed by other’s agenda rather find ways to construct your skills and seek opportunities.

The Earth has been in operations for Eons and hence all creatures of her are wise in a unique way. I have found through my journey of life thus far is that the more I can sit in stillness and become the observer, my awareness increases, I become more sensitive to the subtle energies that operate as my experience. The elements can be described as the climate of your planet (body) and if you can tap into that instinctive and intuitive operations you will find you can become a more effective person in the way you walk your life.

Keep it real, feel the vibes.



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