THE RUTHLESS BEHAVIOR OF THE GOVERNING RULERS AND KINGS, whose Theologians, whose “Personality Minds” were fully drenched in “UNQUENCHABLE GREED” & ILLUSORY POWER OF “NAME & FAME”, “evolving human subjects”, about the true information and real truth of “RIGHT AND WRONG” and the “TRUE UNDERSTANDING” about “UNKNOWABLE CREATOR”, the “SOUL” & “SPIRITUALITY” became deluded and lost, as most of humans evolving in the “BINDS” of “ILLUSORY MATERIAL WORLD GLAMOUR” [5-fold matrix] thus fully depended upon the “ESTABLISHED RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS” for their “SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE” in these “DIFFICULT MATTERS”. Corrupting the “spiritual aspects” of important “HOLY SCRIPTURES”, which were established as the “GUIDING SOURCES OF LIGHT” since Ancient times, for the benefit of evolving human races, whose caretaker priests & religious head’s under the influence of “Dark Ages” knowingly kept quiet & paid “BLIND EYES” to all sorts of wrongful happenings, when the governing rulers & kings under influence of “unquenchable demonic greed” & foolishly believing in their “own might” of the temporary incarnated human form, willfully did atrocities to the “FELLOW EVOLVING HUMAN BEINGS” in the name of so called glory of “FALSE PRIDE”; as well as willingly hurting the dependent evolving animal race, who faithfully served them & were thus totally dependent upon them for daily sustenance & vital protection upon this dense dimensional plane of earth.

Innumerable are the ways of prayers & innumerable are the ways to show our feelings & sentiments.

The wrongful behavior is due to this underlying “FACT” that most of these “GOVERNING RULERS” “Personality Mind Consciousness” embodied in the incarnated human form, evolved through “LONG CYCLIC EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES” upon this planet earth, especially from those particular “ANIMAL SPECIES”, who being “CARNIVOROUS” evolved with a “MIGHT IS RIGHT POLICY”, rather than proper evolution of their “SOLAR SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS” through a series of peaceful and gradual CONSCIOUS EXPANSIONS UPON THIS PLANET EARTH.


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