A Gathering Of Momentum “Star Seed Gardens”

Hey beautiful people thank you to all those who came to our seminar last weekend in Byron bay @Star Seed Gardens called
“A Gathering Of Momentum” I was so humbled by the calibre of people who showed up, a room full of amazing likeminded people ready to receive this information which is now starting to reach the public domains and become accepted as truth. We had a beautiful smoke ceremony and sound healing with Skye Cilia and Jarmbi Githabul “originie” then I produced powerful solution based information, a little bit about my journey to this point and tapped on a few pressing issues facing humanity today “or food, detoxing, Geo-Engineering, humans starved for love, exiting the system and not feeding into fear” to name a few.



We had a beautiful Tribute and Celebration of life for Max Spiers, who recently passed to the next realm to help us behind the scenes. We all stood holding hands in a circle and listned to a beautiful song which came into my life a few days earlier on the night of his death, . I Sung with Skye Cilia a native American Indian pipe song along with the digeridoo played by Jarmbi,to show the crowed difference between information and song or (information / Love) Language can only get you so far and after that song and music is the next frequency of connection.


The next phase for the truth community is truly getting into the heart and out of the fear based stories, jumping into some ceremony and creativity. This is key for the awakening phase to progress. Thanks to all the people who were workin
g tirelessly behind the scenes to get this seminar up and happening, including my dog Moo who graced the stage with me and held the space. This is the first of many we will be running around the country and then around the globe.


Thanks everyone out there you guys made this happen so much love for the new community forming and stay tuned for my new web site the “The innate project” (the inner smart body of the human being) Which will be a follow on from the nate max project but focusing on solutions and heart based conscious living, ceremony and sovereign health. If you like my posts please like, share and tag people who you feel would benefit from this info

“Focus On The Light You Are The Light”

Neil Pascoe
The Nate Max Project

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