Celebration of Life Dr Sebi, spread his info wide and far this man was on the money with hybrid-foods

Another brilliant holistic doctor dead.
They killed sebi. Just like nearly 100 holistic doctors this year, who they claim “murder suicided” themselves, their families and dogs even. yea makes sense. Big pharma is literally a mafia , this is what happens when you infringe on their profits. This man cured, cancer, AIDS, and every other disease known to man through his Alkalizing food program. Time to take control of your health. Check out his work don’t let it die with him. This mans work needs to be studied and replicated. Check him out here:


Guys please follow ths link below if you eat this food and follow this program you wil never get sick ever its very simple. Check out the link below its next level, Non-hybridised electric alkalized food meals. This is the next level beyond organic spread it wide and far this and water fasting is all you need to exit all the unhealty programs being placed apon humanity at the moment.


Much love thank you dr sebi for all you did here on earth. We will continue your work and you will never be forgotten!!!

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