How we can learn from Animals and every living thing

In fluff we trust!! The 4 legged cloud maloo. Its profound how much animals communicate with us and the amount of un conditional love they give. Animals don’t run many filters or programs unless they learn them from the owners. Seeing un conditional love in action is a beautiful thing. Our programs and insecuritys are not normal behavior Like stressing if we physically look ok “good enough to fit in” body consciousness issues and so fourth. It’s just layers of mind programming usually from family members the tv and our up bringing. Its up to this generation who are feeling the awakening fire burn inside to unlearn what we though was acceptable and start doing what makes us happy , not doing things to please other people or to fit the mould or current status quo.

The most freeing thing is getting naked swimming with a bunch of people you don’t know and just realising that the bill board model body we see plastered everywere is not real and that in fact the 99% look just like we all do, beautiful and unique, each with his / her own story. No clothes to identify, once we solidify that we are just humans with funny different shape vessels (bodies) we start to stop the separation and we accept people for who they are not for what they wear. Under every religion, race, country and outfit there is a fragile beautiful human who is totally interconnected with you, having his / her own earthly experience. No one knows exactly why we are here, but one thing for sure is through unconditional love we break down boundaries and see hu-mans for the creator beings we truly are. 20150702_142255_001Don’t judge a book by its cover and most importantly don’t believe the lies shown on the TEL-LIE-VISION each and every night the Zionist controlled propaganda media machine promoting hate, fear ,negativity, violence divide and conquer. Its a trap and its making you stupid, brainwashed and giving you a very 1 sided view of life .


“Focus on the light you are the light”

Neil Pascoe
The Nate Max Project


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