Why is the dog happier?

Why is the dog happier? The dog is living in the present moment he is not still holding onto the fact he didn’t get to go for a walk yesterday, or depressed about the dog that tried to attack him in the park a week ago. He lives purely in the now in the present moment . We as humans identify our selves with expectations and pree conceived idea’s of what our ego thinks we deserve, which come with emotional responses when we don’t get our own way. We turn a simple situation into something really difficult . Grudges are held then follows a communication break down and we are left with a self perpetuating problem.
What’s worse is that we then say “this is how I am I can’t help it” which is nothing but a programmed belief that the ego has attached its self too. This journey is about letting go of old beliefs and moving forward , in un- learning all the shitty things we learnt from school, our family’s , tv and social conditioning.

Life is all about perception you choose if it’s good or not. Success has nothing to do with material wealth, it’s about inner happiness. You can not buy that , material things only cover up the inner emptiness for so long, same with partners .
True happiness is being happy in the present moment at all times, rich , poor, single , married what ever the situation being in that heart space as much as possible . Speaking your authentic truth and accessing those higher frequencies that is what will set humanity free.

“Focus on the light you are the light”


Neil Pascoe
The Nate Max Project

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