Sweat Lodge

Hey beautiful people here are a few pics from the “Sweat Lodge” last weekend with some of the new members of the tribe. Blessed to have so many solid people surrounding us these days. A Sweat Lodge is a sacred sauna with hot rocks, in total darkness were a bunch of people squash into the lodge sitting on the bare earth, sacred hot rocks from volcanic places on earth are super-heated in the fire & brought in and water is poured onto them, it can reach past 80 degrees Celsius at times, this is facilitated by our shaman “Wind” a 72nd generation Native American Indian Navajo “Nav-a-ho”.

This man has so much beautiful insight, knowledge and information which he bring to us each lodge truly inspiring and heart opening. The thing I like most about “Wind” is that he is real he doesn’t pretend to be some guru; he is the real deal speaking his truth and his past no fluff around the edges.In lodge there are huge purges emotionally physically and spiritually a lot gets removed from the humanly vessel during this experience. Wind sings pipe songs as we give our thanks to all creation and set our intentions inside lodge.
This is a very profound experience something that I would like to see more people being part of. This really humbles you and re connects you to humanity and mother earth.The main stream is finally coming on line and the awareness is growing around the planet. I feel the next industry to awaken and needs it badly will be the body building community. These people know how to grow that body, yet they are some of the most un healthy people on the planet, not knowing what all the supplements & huge amounts of meat and other products are doing to their bodies.With a mindset focused deeply on outside physical appearance rather than inner happiness and health, u have a disastrous recipe for some of the most unhappy, insecure people. I know this because I used to be into body building I know how the cookie crumbles & the pressure when your life revolves around have a 6 pack & being pumped at all times.
Having a healthy relationship with a body builder is almost impossible because so much energy goes to an end goal and not living in the present. A year of training for 1 competition. Everything until then is not good enough, then after the competition the depression cuts in again & once again the person is not living in the present, being happy with the body at that point in time, A massive distraction from the important stuff in life… being happy.
So much could be learnt from this sort of sacred practice during lodge and the information which we as white people missed out on. The sitting around camp fires with elders who passed down sacred knowledge, instead we watch reality TV and some of the most retarted people ever who are our mentors, add the mind programming on TV and the media. We as a human race need to go back to basics and re learn the ancient knowledge that is all but forgotten.

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