Don’t confuse fighting for freedom with Dying for Oil

Don’t let the lies and Nazi style propaganda from the main stream or “sewage stream” media as I like to call it deceive you, to what is really being played out on the global proxy war scene. We have NATO “The Rothschild’s Puppet army” which is being used to destabilize any secular governments or countries which don’t fit into the globalists “New World Order Agenda 21” control system. It’s about land and mineral grabbing, but most importantly De population which all stems back to control, money, power and greed. The less of us there is the easier they can control us Cough Cough Bill Gates Foundation. We are currently living here on earth with a Blood line of half humans who do not have any compassion towards any other humans, mother earth or mother nature, basically soulless portals, mimics who look like humans on the outside but on the inside are not wired u like us and have very different genetics and brain function. That’s why such atrocities have been going on for so long here on planet earth.

These parasites get their jollies from being in control, power and greed. Were as we humans (the 99%) get ours from nature, love, peace, happiness, song, dance, beauty, creativity, positivity. This is why people always ask how could they do that, why is this playing out? How come this is happening? Who’s in control? We can’t comprehend what these child sacrificing, pedophiles are getting up to on a daily basis. The biggest problem is that the world’s living in a state of Stockholm syndrome to what’s really going on around us. The matrix glasses have been so heavily programmed that it’s taken humanity a long time to really work out what is happening. Lead by America and Zionist Israel who are all controlled by the small fractions of Ruling elite “The Puppet masters, Cabal, Khazarian mafia, illuminati, Masons” whatever you would like to call them who are steadily losing their power and desperately trying to do anything to not lose control. That even means WW3 with Russia. They would sooner destroy this planet than lose their power, that’s the type of deluded people we are speaking of here. “The Red Shield”

The media trumps up some threat and pushed it out there so much on the TV and newspapers you have whole nations or to fed sheep scared that Osama bin Laden is coming to kill them. Or the Zika virus is coming, so quick get your Zika flu shots which have the Zika virus “which will kill you later in life” Problem Reaction Solution. For example Osama bin Laden was a C.I.A operative back in the 1960s “on record” and had close ties with the satanic worshipping Bush administration, don’t believe me?? Do some research and stop chasing Pokémon. Seriously don’t believe me start doing your own research. This is base level stuff which everyone should know by now. It’s really Time to read in between the lines, you make terrorists or “freedom fighters” or “just normal people fighting for their country that is being attacked, pillaged and raped” by western interests, when you bomb and invade someone’s country killing people’s children and families destroying their homes and infrastructure. It’s very simple if we “the western world” stayed the Fuck in our own country there would be much less problems and even more so if the western world was run by legit leaders we could actually go into other countries and help them.

Imagine America and Israel using all that $$ they spend on War was spent for education, infrastructure, water, food, farming, green energy. There would be no poverty and famine people would all live in houses and this world as we know it now would be forgotten in 10 years. It’s that simple but we have a bunch of cock suckers at the top who need to go to prison. Humanity does not want war so why we at are war? Let the politicians and bankers go to war, send their children to war. We say no to war and yes to #unity and peace. So there are 7.1 billion of us and only 20,000 maximum of the parasitical puppet masters, ever wondered why their whole policy is divide and conquer. That’s because once humans realize that we all come from the same place that religion, race and countries are just another means of dividing and controlling us, we will stand up together and say NO.

We will arrest the bankers and the politicians who are part of the corrupt system. This is why humans must unite; they must focus on what makes us the same. This world doesn’t need to be like this. There is enough water, food, recourses and land to support 100 billion people. We have enough technology hidden in the U.S patents office that we don’t need to use fossil fuels or any of that primitive Stone Age shit. We had pyramid power and we have gorn back to coal and stayed there. This is all a load of horse shit noting but a big act, a play that is keeping humanity in a perpetual state of fear and war, how can people evolve and become enlightened if they are running for their lives and being bombed and shot at every other day of the week. The sheer size of the injustice going on at the moment is mind boggling. You have people worth 100 billion dollars and billions of people dying of starvation WDF, people need to remove the matrix glasses and start focusing on solutions. Humanity needs more people who are willing to speak out against injustice and live their authentic truth operating from the heart space at all times.
If you think for a second because you are living in some comfy place away from war in a country on the other side of the world that this doesn’t concern you then think again. Every single human on earth is connected to each other, we are all one and ignorance is not an excuse anymore we are in the age of technology and internet. These people need your help and sitting around watching TV and watering the garden doing sweet F.A for the rest of the world will get you recycled into another boring depressing life time here on planet earth over and over again until you start putting other people first and stop being so selfish and learn the lesson here. We are here to learn evolve and help others, if you are bored in life time to change it up and step outside your comfort zone, this is the perfect playground of good and evil the full spectrum and it all depends what you are going to do with your time. Just remember everything you do is being recorded into your DNA every emotion feeling thought smell, make your movie and good one something you can bro proud of when you pass over. This life will determine where you end up in the next life time. Much Love Neil

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