The Cross Over From Info to Heart Based, balanced living.

The Next phaze of my New project and web site now coming together. A merging from the truth seeking world into the heart based conscious living.This is about having all the info, products and support on all fronts to help the fellow human going through the awakening, which can be weird and lonely if you are not supported on this journey
The project supports Natural cures, Sovereign health, sacred ceremony, #meditation , sound healing, weekend retreats / gatherings, plant medicine , #creativity , song dance , sweat lodges , sustainability, mentorship , survival skills, adventure, pod casts radio and interviews with some big names around the world. The more people opperating from the heart the faster we evolve into the new paradigm.
My aim is to empower people to join forces under the one banner of “human” through truth info & inspiration we can identify the matrix slavery system, navigate through it then exit all together.
This is a step by step process starting with the awakening, be it health a crisis, info regarding the true nature of our current situation, spiritual awakening or what ever planted that seed in your mind which can’t be un done. Once the sheep programmed glasses are taken off they can’t go back on.
Then it’s about getting that Innate Smart Body, “the inner smart body of the human being” the spiritual centre activated. Getting the body clean clear and detoxed so we are tapped in and grounded, hearts open.
Then knowing that we are multidimensional beings having a human experience we can then Tap into those higher frequencies evolving past disease and the 3d worldly dramas which are playing out across the globe. The real activism is going inwards, cleaning up that back yard of ours learning the hard lessons from our family’s through forgivness, compassion and unconditional love which raises the internal frequency.
We are on the verge of seeing humanity living in a world with no war, famon, poverty, all humans working together in #unity. There are banking Reforms and a currency reset about to take place and a shift of power from the old #illuminati energy into the new. That system is coming to an end as we speak.
Its time to release the free energy patents and cancer cures arrest the corrupt politicians and bankers and re claim our planet for our children and grand children. We are all human never forget that. In #unity we rise up.
We have enough money, resources and land to sustain and support every human on earth with a house, food and fresh water & free energy.
We waste trillions on War, global warming and cancer research per year when 30 million people die each year from starvation and malnutrition..
Time to get our priorities straight, if we had HUMANS running the show this would not be happening. No human with a soul in power would allow Palestine or Syria to to be treated this way, dead and dying children each day a war over recourses and archelogical ruins.
This is your world too, time to stand up for mother earth, support those who don’t have a voice and can’t support them selves.
Ice Land 2.0 The 99% is #awakening who’s side are you on

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