America has been at war 222 years out of 239 since 1776

So the U.S.A has cut ties with Russia.. That’s pretty funny considering the U.S.A is breaking all the rules of engagement, funding terrorism, bombing the Syrian Army who is fighting ISIS or (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services) The Pentagon has been caught out funding a PR Media firm $540 million to make fake terrorism videos. We have whistle blowers and army generals openly stating the west is funding terrorism, money trails, weapon drops, Brand new Toyota Hilux’s, new American weapons in the hands of the enemy and even Putin himself openly stating in the G20 summit that there are 14 countries funding terrorism Australia being one of them. This is a proxy war, a fake war used to de stabilise and depopulate over oil, land, recourses which Syria is a very mineral rich country.

The BRICS monetary system is about to come on line and take over the U.S petro dollar (the old system is about to collapse) and this war is necessary for the Rothschild’s (Cabal, Illuminati, Zionists Parasites, Satanists whatever you prefer, bottom feeders, grubs I could go on) to hold onto their dwindling power. These psychopaths will happily destroy the world over giving away power. Their reign of terror and oppression is coming to an end and they are pulling every card out of the hat (false flag attacks) to have a war and keep the perpetual cycle of slavery and oppression going wars are great for big industry.

Don’t forget Pine Gap in Northern Territory Australia where the attack drones are controlled from so we are in this war whether we like it or not.

Russia is in preparation for WW3 doing drills to put 40 million people underground in case of a nuclear attack and the western world is worried about Kim Kardashian the Fake, materialistic half brain moron and her missing jewellery. We are on the path to WW3 and the Zionist Zombie Media is talking about shit for brains, talk about 2 different realities playing out at the same time.
Obama would never hold a drill in case of a nuclear attack for this citizens or (slaves is a better word) because that’s the fastest way he & his parasite friends like, George Soros, Bill Gates and all the illuminati Satanist worshipping eugenicists can de populate our planet and bring down the consciousness of the human population to the level of a sewer.

This war is a war for the mind, not just a 3d war on earth but it’s about lowering the vibration and frequency of humans. It’s almost impossible to be in your heart space and emanate love and raise that internal frequency if you are running for your life, being bombed, shot at, raped, starving or just generally in a place of total fear and sadness. NO human deserves this.

If the stupid puppet politicians want to go to war…LET THEM!!! they can go to war they can take their children and wives, friends, families and they can all go and well stay here, they can fuck off and put their money where their mouth is these gutless pricks pretending to give a shit about humanity.

Any politician who agrees to go to war WILL be held accountable for crimes against humanity by the 99% who are waking up FAST.

If the majority of humans want no war, why are we having decisions made against our free will?
We are the voice of the people and its politician’s job to be taking direction from us. If Russia and the U.S.A go to war this will be the end of the world as we know, don’t think that a Nuke won’t be shot from a Sub off the coast of Australia and send us back to the Stone Age.

This is not a war against an imaginary Osama Bin Laden who was a C.I.A operative back in the 1960s with no money hiding in a cave with a mobile phone. Russia has space weaponry and long range missiles that will hit targets across the other side of the earth.

Humans need to stand up in masses, go to your local members of parliament and tell them you must stop this madness we do not consent; if they don’t listen they should be arrested plain and simple. It’s up to humans now to band together to stop this. The people in the military DO NOT go fight a war for OIL and land. Stay home with your families and loved ones we need you here.

Most importantly through this time is we do the inner work if enough people drop into the heart and raise that internal frequency we will jump of the synthetic time line of war and Shift onto a new organic time line. We can do this just by dropping into meditation and setting that intention focusing on what we want remember intention over rides all.. Hence why the media always promotes violence, hate, divide, racism, terrorism. These beings at the top who worship an off world entity cannot create so they use us to create the reality they want.

Don’t fall for the trap

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‘Nate Max’ Neil Pascoe

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