The ‘’spiritual people’’ having strong ‘’electro-magnetic force vibrations’’ emitting from their ‘’hands and body’’

The ‘’spiritual people’’ having strong ‘’electro-magnetic force vibrations’’ emitting from their ‘’hands and body’’ due to their ‘’unwavering faith’’ in the unknowable, along with the strong vibrating force of their ‘’holy words’’, which by following the scientific principle, which states that the ‘’lower frequency vibrations get absorbed by higher frequency vibrations’’ thus ‘’electromagnetically’’ cause various positive ‘’changes in the invisible ethers’’ composed of differentiated conscious ‘’elemental lives’’, and can thus also act as the ‘’healers’’ for removal of ‘’ailments’’ caused by various types of ‘’blockages’’ in the ‘’vital bodies’’ of the evolving human beings, which they accomplish by balancing the ‘’ethereal imbalance’’ in the ‘’invisible vital bodies’’ of evolving human beings thus bringing relief to the incarnated human body by getting rid of various “physical ailments”. Since very #ancient times, these ‘’#spiritual #conscious #human beings’’ commonly referred to as ‘’#saints’’ have been helping the mankind through their ‘’prayer #energy #vibrations’’ as they can easily remove these ‘’invisible demonic insects’’ from the ‘’aura body’’, which quickly open up the ‘’vital nerve blockages’’ in the ‘’pranic body’’ [vital body] and thus through the ‘’bursts of animating vital #force’’ heal the physical body ‘’ailments and disorders’’, about which the physical world doctors, being not yet aware of these ‘’invisible ethereal human bodies’’ and the ailment causing ‘’invisible life existences’’ thus consider these ‘’healings’’ as ‘’the miracles’’, although through the advancement of ‘’material sciences’’ they are now fully aware about the existence of various microbes & microscopic lives, which were previously ‘’unknown’’ to them. The old Chinese culture had thousands of years worth of medical records outlining the human electromagnetic points, which today in acupuncture still carries the essential wisdom totally lacking from medicinal healthcare systems today, which are corporate parks not for “health care” but “sickcare”, & the educational institutions & public discourse excludes “healing nutrition” & preventative cheap, local & free care.”


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