Q: Why does the west want to Invade Syria? A: To Rob Our oil, put in a puppet government and install a Rothschild’s bank

Yes ISIS was created by the C.I.A funded by the U.S, Israel, Saudi Arabia and trained in Jordan. Used as a proxy army to destabilize the East, divide up the nations and allows the U.S. “NATO” or in other words “The Rothschild’s Puppet army” to swoop in & install a federal reserve Bank which is not federal & in fact privately owned by the Rothschild’s dynasty “Red Sheild” a blood line of half human oppressors who worship an off world entity.

They then steal the gold and any recourses, kill of the native people, and destroy any infrastructure, schools, hospitals, farms, dams, bridges and cut the nation off from food and supplies. This war is not just about stealing oil, land grabbing and destroying any secular government but in fact about mining “black goo” and ancient galactic “Star Gates” which reside in Syrian territory along with precious ruins and archeological technology. This war is inter dimensional and runs much deeper than just here on earth, so much further.

All the governments in the world are in on this puppet show. Don’t think all sides are not totally controlled . Its the awakened peoples VS the rest. The battle is for your mind, spirit and soul energy, Saturn / moon harvesting matrix.

EVERYTHING you hear on the main stream (sewage stream) news is a Zionist propaganda LIE, a one sided rubbish account of reality, from the weather reports (Geo Engineered skies) terrorists attacks, lies about vaccines, fluoride, geopolitical matters, the banking system, all fake smoke screen lies. Its time to choose, either take the red or the blue pill. Stand with humanity and fight or continue in a perpetual state of Stockholm syndrome pretending everything is OK, but actually being part of the problem by ignoring things that are clear as day to any brain dead moron.

People who use those low vibrational comments like “oh what can I do” or “its just how life is” or “you can’t change anything” or the good old “I’m just busy working mate” the old family / work cop out. Ignorance is no longer accepted not with the internet at your finger tips. This is about the future of the planet. We will be extinct in 15 years if we don’t wake up and start taking action today. Small steps each day forward momentum that’s all no one asked you to change your life quit your job and take up being an activist, but at least live consciously and speak your truth.

This is your world too, don’t fuck it up for your children because you’re an unmotivated lazy fat fuck who has consumed so much fluoride, fast food and watched so much TV you’re pretty much an zombie.

Take back your life, mind and freedom today its never to late.. The answers are always inside you, meditation is the key..

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