A Gathering Of Momentum Part 2 “Sethikus boza, Shayne benattar, Nate Max

Hey Beautiful people “A Gathering Of Momentum” Lifting the veil on our reality. This weeks show is now up on You Tube (link below) @ Nate Max TV be sure to subscribe. I Flowed with Sethikius Boza & Shayne Benattar. Sethikus Boza who is a transformational psychologist and occult knowledge expert.This talk went deep. We touched on hyper dimensional warfare , hidden occult knowledge, genetics harvesting, astral battle, true health, secret space programs , the energy body , protecting your mind body and spirit from attacks, The “false” white light spiritual movement and much more.
We also gave solutions and tools to help you to dance through this healing / integration phase we are currently in the middle of.

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Part 2 with Harald Kautz Vella & Shayne Benattar will be recorded next week also. looking forward to the next few interviews, very powerful info hitting alt media.

All that is hidden will be revealed.

Much love Nate Max

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