Conventional Coffee Vs Organic what they big companies don’t want you to know.

Coffee.. humans love for “getting high and getting shit done” conventional coffee though which is bombarded with up to 95 different herbicides , insecticides , pesticides and other hormone and endocrine system disrupting chemicals is basically shit!!! You would not even feed it to Hillary Clinton.. Or maybe u would haha.
Don’t think for a second that this is not done on purpose either.

Same with the cocaine that comes into Australia which is laced with highly addictive toxic chemicals to stifle the consciousness of humanity, to keep the war on drugs flowing for the elite who run and fund these black Opps programs and finally to degenerate the spiritual center of human beings here on earth. Cocaine is a spirit center destroying drug, which turns a normal happy night at a club or pub into an ego stroking shit talking fest of materialistic gossip and false premise. Total fake, rubbish talking and then opens the flood gates to all other addictions, prostitutes, strip clubs, gambling, fights and arguments with partners at bare minimum. You also tear holes in your auric field allowing “entities” to enter your vessel and control you. Hence drinking alcohol is allowing “spirits” to enter. We have all seen our friends out of control and in the morning they say I don’t know what came over me, eyes dilated speaking weird jibberish… Say hello to demonic possession.

These chemicals cut us off from source energy, strip away our loving inner essence, stops our connectedness with mother earth and each other purposely. They calcify our pineal gland and shut down our immune system, acidifying our bodies and point us in the direction of dis-ease.

Have you noticed when you drink conventional coffee “or toxic coffee” you get a really fast synthetic high? Which wears off quick and leaves you feeling anxious, jiggery, unbalanced and trapped in your mind. This is your body reacting to all the chemicals in the coffee you just consumed. You must demand organic coffee at your local shop it’s no better than eating GMO corn or soy. When you drink organic coffee add coconut oil or Ghee to make a “bullet proof” this creates a process which makes the caffeine to release more slowly over a long period of time giving you a more relaxed comfortable up and down.

Speak to the owners of your local coffee shops and say ” why don’t you sell organic coffee it’s almost the same price and you are not feeding your customers poison”.
I usually say to them “you will get a new bunch of customers if you go organic and supply coconut milk” .Because the world is going healthy if you don’t Jump on board you will be left behind..

We are the 99% if we demand organic food and coffee they must supply or we take our business elsewhere and life in this dense 3d earthly plane is about $$$$$$. Until that paradigm ends we vote with our dollars and steer consumerism in our direction.

Much Love Nate Max

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