Intro to: Labyrinth of the 9 Veilz “Sethikus Boza”

it’s to this point now.., if you are not in process of being the magus or remembering that you just ARE.., not only becoming the master of yourself.., but moving into what is beyond this element of reality.., your not going to come into more of the true knowledge of what is going on.., this must be known and accessed when it comes to what I’m speaking about here in context.., again.., this not my my truth.., and people are going to do what they do.., this is what truth has revealed and confirmed again in light of things that need to be addressed.., and is going to be based with **excerpts** from my up and coming via: ****Labyrinth of the 9 Veilz**** video transcript….., [-which is still in the works-]

these are some of the literal protocols that I practice and teach and is what needs to happen when someone is having interface with people.., spirits or whatever else individuals are having experience with when it comes to “angles”.., “et’s”.., etc.., first of all get away from the all the False Religion and New Age teaching that is out there because it’s bullshit.., I cannot stress this enough you guys.., this is messing people up more then I can even say because all of these people are waaaay way way tooooooo fucking open to these things and do not know the game that has been going on if you doing not understand how all of this really works.., if you can’t see the evidence of it all by now.., then chances are you have been raked and are going to have to go through a deeper healing and process of unveiling and acceptance of reality before these things can be seen for what they really are.., but if there is a twinge within you that is beyond all of this…, I think that this is going to resonate..,

First.., [-1-] you need to draw your circle.., yes.., around you.., over you and under you.., as a literal sphere of energy and work on this daily so that it gets stronger and stronger.., this is what the magus and the ancient ancestors knew and dose.., also again.., remember that it’s ALL a state of mind.., you can do this within yourself or literally.., just actualize yourself and your mind and put energy into this.., be in this consistently.., the circle.., in other words The Vortex [-which is also attributed to the heart vortex within you.., and is the thalamus gland in tandem with the heart center chakra along with throat chakra-] that I have spoken about for some time now.., and it is within the circle that you are protected from all things that would ever harm you or come into your personal morph-genetic field.., as above.., so below.., as within.., as without.., you need to also view yourself as equal with any other spirits.., angels.., ets.., gods.., goddesses.., beings.., sorcerers.., etc.., yes……, ALL of them.., you have your own spirit.., and is what you need to be focused on developing and integrating from within yourself in connection to what is beyond the barrier.., you have the potential to be just as evolved.., if not more.., and because of the fact that you have a physical body which is required for ANY being to go through bio-spiritual-re-genesis.., without one.., it is literally impossible.., which is why fucking with spirits is dangerous because most of them just want to ride in on your genetics.., our grid work [-the physical universe-] is both the lowest and highest realm at the same time [-more on this too later as I progress in sharing things-] because of what is held within the core of yourself.., and what is held within the core of the planet.., in truth.., the physical dimension holds precedence over all other realms.., and is connected to the highest grid work of the meta-verse [the original universe on a multi-dimensional level] because of this.., and is what has been veiled.., this is what the new age [and all other false religions] is not addressing because they want people in a victim mentality for escapism.., slavery and bound to the savior complex.., if you are in the process integration of the higher dimensions of consciousness and activation of your dormant genetics.., then you are going to have interface with things beyond a simple i-magi-nation.., this I 100% guarantee.., and this is what FIRST and foremost needs to be understood and applied on a consistent basis.., THE CIRCLE of the MAGUS…………….,

Second.., [-2-] hold your own power of decision and authority over your evolutionary destiny.., learn to connect directly to your higher will and your own innate soul code genetics and establish direct personal connection with kreator-source yourself within the Circle.., and test the shit out of everything that comes into your field as you learn to expand your sphere.., set up check points for things.., etc.., and if there is anything that comes into harm you.., you banish the fucking shit out of it…….., destroy it’s energetic connection.., and cut it the fuck off…, this is priority.., we can observe and learn and listen to other entities and beings.., but you too must put them in a circle they cannot move out from if they come into your field.., let no other being in existence stand between your true self and your personal connection to kreator-source.., [-soul code genetics-] you do not need intermediaries to make the connection to yourself or any of the higher realms for you.., you only need the integration of your own higher dimensional identity levels which are based upon multi-dimensional genetics.., the grid works.., networks.., timelines.., etc.., and depending on what you are already keyed into is what you are going to have to master before you can even begin to start integrating consciousness that is held within your true soul-code genetics.., be willing to take responsibility for your own conscious evolution and don’t expect others on earth or for any other stellar race to direct your evolution for you.., if you are.., and you bow to anyone or any of these things.., then you have been compromised.., and have put yourself in the position for your energy and your genetics to be harvested.., you need to become responsible for yourself and your multi-dimensional anatomy as it is a MAJOR part of growing up.., and coming into mental.., emotional and spiritual maturity..,

Third.., [-3-] be willing to study and apply to your existence the Cosmic Laws of Alchemy.., along with the Scientific Laws of the Universal Unified Field of Metaphysics.., so that you can become competent in manifesting what you desire to experience.., and so learn how to work in patience.., kindness.., and coming at life from a place of empowerment.., as well as being in cooperation and respect to Life it’self.., with yourself and with life around you.., make REMEMBERING and operating from your spiritual core and higher dimensional consciousness the first priority in your life.., first with yourself., then with others.., and realize that you do not need religion to achieve any sort of spiritual actualization or activation whatsoever.., all is within you.., realize that the riddles of the fallen will solve themselves as you come to understand the nature of your eternal self.., and that spiritual maturity includes learning and mastering the science mechanics of consciousness.., if any of this is resonating with you.., then you already choose to be chosen because you have the genetic potential for rapid DNA template bio-genesis and activation.., and to become consciously involved with your DNA acceleration process will allow your dormant genetic potential and spiritual awareness to awaken more quickly.., go at pace though.., depending on your personal disposition and template will determine the levels of this you can take at times of healing and integration.., it can become very intense if you don’t know what is fully going on.., that is why you must also study your ass off in balance to know the difference of what is actually taking place with yourself.., and not be keyed into false teaching..,

Fourth.., [-4-] in accelerating your own potentials.., you not only empower yourself.., you assist directly in the evolution of the human race.., through consciously directed education into all of these things and evolutionary acceleration you can learn advanced knowledge in wisdom.., and discover why you chose to incarnate.., and remember what you incarnated to truly do to assist in the mass drama taking place on earth at this time.., in your own progressive awakening to your eternal identity you can help other people to awaken as well.., and you can become a healing influence in regard to others and the bullshit that is going down here on ground level.., what we do in this lifetime matters.., stop trying to fucking escape.., you need to own this shit.., and own yourself.., if you keep committing to awakening and empowering yourself and others.., you can assist with the pro-human races in making their presence known.., but they must be for fucking real., no bullshit.., and the only ones that are are connected to what is beyond the barrier.., that is where the true benevolents exist.., these are what are known as the wave.., plasma.., and gashiss races.., most of them do not exist within the grid works that are beyond the barrier because they have left.., there are few.., but then there are those of us that incarnated to assist the hour that we are in.., those that hold these genetics are very very very fucking ancient.., some.., are timeless.., and you would already know more even beyond what I am talking about if you are one of them..,

Fifth.., [-5-] by sincerely working with the principles of spiritual maturity you can begin to experience conscious contact with the pro-human races that are beyond the barrier.., if you are in contact with others.., your not going to hear me as a conscious participant in context to all that I am saying here.., you will be at the front of the new wave of human evolution in alignment with the counterfeit.., if you are able to regenerate and activate more of the Original Template you may have the opportunity for literal bio-logical star gate passage.., and will become the star gate yourself.., and experience time travel into more advanced timelines and future cultures.., otherwise not so advanced.., then others where there is chaos and torment far worse then there is here.., and also into where nothing exists at all.., etc.., etc.., then having navigated all of this from within yourself.., it is only meant for those that have come to a certain level of self mastery and takes decades to come into.., sometimes even lifetimes.., and with some of us who are here to finish what we started Aeons ago.., we have never been in a time like we are in this hour.., so remember you must claim this for yourself first and foremost.., do not be naive and think that all contact is going to benefit you.., in fact.., most of it doesn’t at all.., because of all the host fields that have been set up within the Ouroboros.., do not view these spirits as “our creator gods” “space parents” “family” or “our saviors”.., realize again that humans can be equally as powerful.., majestic and wise.., if not more because of what I mentioned above.., and know that humans within their core have more spiritual maturity and moral ethics than many of these other stellar races do.., do not expect human experts in government.., religion.., psychiatry.., medicine.., etc.., to save you.., they have little more knowledge than you regarding the reality of all of this because most institutions are in fact ran by the melevolants themselves.., via their human meat puppets.., realize that you can become your own expert and guide through integrating your own higher dimensions of consciousness.., bio-re-genesis technology of the original template protects you as well within the Circle.., during process integration and meditation and accelerates this process.., if you become “blissed out” or “dazzled” or “seduced by all the Zeta-Drakonian-Crystalline Serian B consciousness.., that YES.., you are going to have to burn though and get away from knowing the difference.., they WILL and DO present themselves as “angles” “gods” or “kind et’s”.., etc.., and do many TRICKS to demonstrate their so called “advancements”.., but this dose NOT necessarily mean they are holding a fair agenda.., on the contrary.., realize that just because they are more “evolved” in certain ways.., dose not meant that they are perfect or free of any hidden agendas and are non-infected themselves..,

Lastly [-for now-] if you succumb to fear.., emotional..,mental.., and energetic manipulation.., and the feeling of powerlessness and fall into a victim mentality and come into that as the effect from anyone or anything.., you have to snap yourself back and give more strength to your mind and your circle.., take time to pull back from everything.., do this in moments of intense meditation and focus to align your energy and your mind field with the vortex again.., do NOT be drawn the fuck out.., there is a time and place that we strike but it’s NEVER to be on their terms of provocation.., watch the flanks.., and get at least ONE person to have your back in this process.., ultimately.., no one can do this alone.., which is why I do what I do.., at the same time.., every person has within them the power and wisdom to deal with having interface with spirits.., let alone other human|humanoids.., effectively and efficiently.., but you MUST know the difference when it comes to all of these things.., if you are engaging contact with anything within the barrier let alone with what is beyond it before you have learned how to frequency-seal your personal multi-dimensional bio-energetic field in context to what I am really getting at here.., your fucked.., and need to cease immediately.., for your sake and for the sake of those around you.., and go back to the beginning again.., until you have a very very solid foundation to work upon in proper knowledge.., you cannot protect yourself fully so that integration of these things can take place the right way by learning to remember simple bio-regenesis techniques and lost occult sciences to discover the structure of your own unique system and multi-genetic anatomy……., then…, you can proceed without being pulled into all the bullshit that is going on………, MORE COMING SOON……..,

Sethikus Boza

Transformational psychologist,
director of Black Earth Productions
expert in occult knowledge .

You Tube : Black Earth Productions


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