Globalist Elite Playbook For The Desperate And Weak “We know your game”

The Global Elite playbook for a bunch of desperate, scared, tired old , men (and Hillary). First the globalists try rig the elections. George Soros buys the voting machines in the Republican areas, that doesn’t work trump still wins by a land slide 25-1 so they call for a re vote starting with 3 states, turns out there was 70,000 trump votes missing per state at minimum, plus hundreds and thousands of votes from dead people and illegal immigrants that went to Hillary. You multiply that by 50 states you have 3.5 million + votes extra for trump. That scam didn’t work so they blame Russia for hacking the voting system, turns out the hacks were from internal DHS sources “Hillary and friends” that didn’t work so they call trump a Russian agent, that didn’t work either so they are putting out more FAKE NEWS about Trump and prositiutes and golden showers haha that wont work so Obama is now trying to illegally federalise the election process, to over throw the trump campaign, which will not work either.

Shit man talk about desperate!!!!! There has been a major shift on a global scale , the F.B.I and C.I.A have split into seperate fractions the ones who are Pro humanity and disgusted by the Pedophilia cases being investigated involving many of the big names and major players on the global scene and the other half “The Cabal Globalist puppets” that sold their souls who’s time is coming to an end.

We are looking at a new world with free energy and a new financial system not tied to the federal reserve and fiat fake derivatives, numbers in a system holding humanity in a debt slave spiral. This is just around the corner #keshefoundation #brics nations

The Time of the Illuminati and friends is coming to an end. The Matrix glasses are coming off and people world wide are waking up to the games being played. Main stream “sewage stream” media is dead and the approval ratings show this.

Alternate “truth media” is King along side with social media instant access to the facts the informed public will not be blind sided ever again.

Thank you to all the people tirelessly fighting this silent war with secret weapons. Truth with no fear, backed by an open heart is the biggest asset in these crazy times we live in.

Dance through the Kaos, laugh, love, live, dance, play, keep that child like essnce #stay young son, we have already won we are just playing out the roles.

Play the game well but don’t let it become us “Max Spiers”

Neil Pascoe
The Nate Max Project
You tube: Nate Max TV
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