Trump Inauguration which direction is the world going to lean?

Will be interesting to see what the globalists attempt to do at #trumps inauguration. Talk of assassination , mass media Black outs , riots , protests. Its looking like Trump could be the real deal. Never have they not wanted a President in so badly, rigged, elections, re votes, propaganda , fake news, propaganda on every chanel. Trump has brought back all the army generals which Obama “Osama” fired who would not support ISIS, he is also using Robert F Kennedy who is Anti Vax to probe the vaccine inquiry. He plans on taking down the federal reserve “much the same as JFK attempted to” and will be destroying the main stream media.

There are also big signs pointing to a huge ritual “sacrifice” around trumps inauguration the fact that the inauguration is at the top of the pentagram in ground zero, lots of occultic symbolism, Times , dates and numerology embedded into this day says it’s a powerful day energy wise. Trump could be an Illuminati sacrifice. Let’s not forget energy can be used both ways its not dark or light energy its just simply ENERGY. We can use this day to create and manifest our intentions.

In the end we are each personally responsible for changing the way we live, the world we live in and projecting that love frequency outwards . Everything we need resides inside us.
Most important is we ground our selves , get the physical vessle clear and clean but above all else do that inner work which is sitting in silence and breathing in that vital life force energy “prana / Chi ” what ever you call it.

If you do not have your tank full you are still giving out a frequency which is tied to the lower density realms the 3d and 4d where duality exists. Therefore you will attract these lower mind set activities and dramas. You can not be attacked or pestered etherically if you raise your frequency / atomic spin rate beyond this level of awareness.

We must move through duality and the ego construct. If you are not doing the work 40 mins 2 x a day more than likely your vital life force is diminishing , you will be tired and nothing will be flowing in your life, “caught in the Karmic time loop, same shit another day”

This eventually will lead to degeneration of the body ageing and death.

You can avoid this through breathing in extra energy through the pranic breath. Everyone knows about this but how many are doing it?

Forget activism and researching if you are not doing this work, you are missing the boat. You know our thoughts and intentions create our reality , so doing the inner work is number 1 priority over everything else.

Everyone wants change, but not many are willing to change themselves. 1 person working from higher consciousness level with the light body activated is equivalent to millions of your everyday people. You could be holding the space for your entire city you live in if you are doing this work. Its not easy sitting in silence , that’s the archon mind trap keeping people “busy doing shit” . Break free of being busy and get present.

Set your intentions each day and night, focus on solutions and do that inner work before anything else. Your life will shift so fast.

Much love Mr Max

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