So, Another Day Another Dollar Right?? Wrong!!! Some Thought Provoking Insights About Life Today “Nate Max”

Another Day, Another Dollar Right???  Wrong.

Every second of every day can be precious.

We find ourselves in today’s busy world, always rushing. Rushing to get places, waiting, lining up for food, for our morning coffee, sitting in traffic frothing over it. We rush our food down, not appreciating what we are eating, or the fact we are so lucky to have food today. Enjoy your food be thankful for it, sit, eat and embrace it, so many don’t have any.


Then we hurry off to rush somewhere else.

So when do you actually start living in the now? Once you retire @57 then get cancer and die, never really enjoying your life or spend that $money$??  We have a 1/3 cancer rate, Start living in the NOW, you don’t get time back, every second you waste you will never see again, so spend it wisely. 

Are you going to spend your whole life waiting for the next holiday, waiting for the new job? Do you find yourself saying “once this is over then I can relax”. Then that saga is over and there is a “NEW something else” to worry about. We constantly occupy our minds with things that don’t serve our highest good, not intentionally but we are literally always “doing something”

Time to do nothing, have you ever done nothing?

Take time out for yourself even if its 15 mins a day of pure nothing “you deserve it”.



Meditation is truly the only key and way to get to nothingness, even in our sleep our mind, spirit, soul is off on adventures. (We call dreaming) So when do we actually slow down to peace, tranquillity no mind chatter?? Most people, never, unless they find meditation.

Meditation opens the flood gates to a whole next level of 4th dimensional living, information, peace, free energy, you can tap into any time of the day or night. It’s also free J


Some attributes of meditation are:

lucid dreaming, astral projections, tantric sex, remote viewing, telepathic thought, past life regression, activating your DNA, viewing your Akashik records, activating parts of your brain that were previously dormant, meeting with disceased family and friends, laying new neuro network pathways and most importantly raising the vibration of earth helping her to ascend into the 4th dimension, with your chance of planetary ascension also.

“Ascension is the raising of your body’s frequency/vibration through berating in “prana or chi” to the speed of light and literally turning your body into a vessel of light and leaving your physical body to the next dimension , just like Jesus and many other ascended master have done in the past”


Yes, all of these things are the fruits of meditation, being in a relaxed state of mind is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you have never heard of these things, I suggest you research. It will literally change your life. By raising your vibration through meditation, breathing in “chi” or “prana” from the ether you will also attract “like vibrational people” and good positive things. Ask and you shall receive.

We go to the gym for our bodies, we spend money on our cars and renovating our houses, we mow the lawns and keep the gardens nice, cut our hair and buy food for our bodies but when do we “clean, service, feed” our soul, higher self and spirit???


When was the last time you sat in silence with your phone turned off in total silence? Can’t remember?

So now just remember at all times to breathe, relax, smile inside, and know that “everything is going to be ok” soak up your environment. Soon you will start to notice the little birds chirping and nature which you had almost forgotten that is all around you at all times. Once you start awakening you will be on the same old train, going to your same old job, yet the train ride will feel different, smell different and  look different, you will notice things you have never seen before this is called “awakening” it’s when you’re starting to transfer from a 3d holographic world into the 4th dimension.

The pineal gland is starting too active and your chakras are spinning, sending you information, which you are receiving wave infusions from the ether. You will start receiving hints and constant “coincidences” eg: you look at your phone and then the person calls, or you think about someone you have not seen in 6 months, then presto they pop up on facebook and say “I thought about you today”.


The question is how many coincidences, it will take before you realize, that you are an intricate, sophisticated, spirit god like being connected with every single thing on the face of the planet and in the entire solar system, every human, every planet, star, animal and spirit we are connected with.

We are all part of a bigger picture and once, you’re DNA and brain starts to become active, you start your ascension process and all of these things will become apparent. You will feel very small and also feel very happy knowing you are not alone “or going crazy”

We are not just flesh and meat bodies, we are actually beings made up of light and energy, electrical impulses, Auric fields and we have guides and extradimensional beings who are assigned to looking after us at all times. Most people have 2 guides, some have 3 which can stay with you throughout your earth life span. You can contact your guides, and use them to send and receive messages to help communicate with the higher realms.


So anyhow, the traffic will always be there, so don’t get frustrated with it, download a podcast or play your favorite music, turn your drive to work in a state of Zen.  Let those people rushing to get nowhere in traffic in. Don’t honk your horn, don’t get upset or angry, even for one second, be at peace at all times. Don’t give away your energy to the negative, everyone has energy some more than others, so save your energy for those amazing people who deserve it.




Recharge your energy and draw in more with meditation. I have nothing to gain by promoting meditation, its free you can do at home by yourself. I know from personal experience that it can literally shake down the foundation of what you thought you knew about yourself and the world outside. It’s so powerful I truly believe that if everyone meditated on earth we would not have any war.

There are scientific studies showing that when a large number of people meditate on an area remotely, say a war torn area, the crime rates and murder rates are lowered for up to 2 months. Scientifically backed. So this shows just how powerful our minds are. Just because you can’t see energy “YET” doesn’t mean it’s not there.

You can’t see UV rays which burn us from the sun yet we can feel it. Our eyes are only capable of seeing a very small part of the light spectrum, there is a lot going on around us, but we have a veil as to keep us from seeing everything, spoiling our chances of learning lessons here on earth. We are here to learn lessons and to evolve as a group together. No matter how fast or slow you wake up it doesn’t matter, we are all going to cross the finish line together.


occupy meditation.


Now lessons, if there is something that keeps popping up in your life over and over again affecting you, on your journey you are not learning the lesson. Whatever you have done before don’t don’t do it again, if it’s hard and you are scared of it you MUST confront your fears to pass it, once you do this the lesson will never come again and you will move on to the next stage of your evolution.

Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten.

See the lesson and learn from it. Ask yourself why this is making me feel this way. Have no judgements of others they are on their own path also, some more evolved than you, some are where you were in your life 6 years ago.

So have compassion and remember how you were acting when you were 17. Try giving them loving advice never tell people how to live. Have no expectations of anyone or anything, that way you will never be disappointed or upset. The only thing you can do it except what is going on around you and adapt to it.

We all go through shit in our lives, the difference is that some people become angry, bitter and negative, whereas others understand it,  deal with it and push through.

What’s done, is done you, can’t change the outcome, but you can change the future. It’s your choice to be happy or sad and you are totally responsible for your own happiness. Do not ever blame anyone else for you being sad. It’s your choice to be sad. You create your reality every day with your inner thoughts and manifestations. You can choose to be sad or you can change your mind and be happy, only moments later.


Your thoughts “manifestations” today will create your reality next week remember, the universe only ever says YES, so if you’re thinking about something, negative or positive, the universe always says yes. So to create a positive future for yourself, always focus on the positive no matter what the situation. There is always a positive out of every negative situation, it’s just, at the time you didn’t realise the bigger picture, which will transpire after this event takes place.

Sometimes it’s a shaking down of the old to bring in the new. Have faith that everything is divinely planned you were created in the eyes of god, you are a piece of the divine creator the universe. So use each moment, each experience in your existence to promote love, positivity, be passionate, be happy it’s your god given right to be happy. Stamp out negativity when someone is being negative, subtly point that out to them (most don’t even know they are doing it) sometimes friends need a good friend, to pull them up on this. If you don’t tell them a lesser friend is surely not going to say anything and the cycle of negativity will continue. It only takes 1 negative person to make a whole room of people feel down through a poor attitude.



So how can we help? When you’re getting your coffee smile, talk to people standing in line, spread some love. Ask someone how they are going, give them a nice compliment, so many people are just waiting for someone to communicate with them and make them feel needed and loved and part of life. Tell someone you love them even if you think they already know. There are so many moments in life you can do something amazing for someone else. Selfless helping others, just because you can. The amount of happiness, my dog brings people never ceases to amaze me, If he can bring so much happiness to people just by standing there, yet he doesn’t even have the ability to communicate through words imagine how many people you can make happy, each day.

Changing this world is as simple as this:

Start with yourself, remove all negative aspects of your life, or if you can’t remove them, then learn to deal with them so they don’t affect you. Be nice and kind to everyone, no matter how they treat you. Never judge a book by its cover or a person by their appearance, you are forfeiting your chance and right to learn more valuable lessons. An example of something shit and changing it is, the nightly news and newspapers, which are generally promoting negativity and fear, you get nothing positive from watching it so “turn it off” give yourself some peace while you’re eating your dinner “and appreciating it” of course!!

You hate driving? Catch the train read a book go into work much earlier and got the gym to avoid the traffic “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” WINNING!!

Try make every aspect of your life amazing. Do it today so next week, you look back and smile at how far you have come. It’s the small things every day that gets us through life. Don’t waste an opportunity to be great.  People want to be around positive, up beat people, don’t forget that you attract what you are. So have a look at your group of friends, that’s generally a pretty accurate scope of who are are. 

You can do and achieve anything you put your mind to. Start small and end big. It all starts and ends with you.


Be the change you want to see in others.

See you all at the farm 🙂 Namaste ‘Nate Max’

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