Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate) Damages DNA, Says World Health Organisation Expert (Roundup is 1,000 times more toxic than glyphosate alone)

Glyphosate is “definitely genotoxic”, says Prof Chris Portier, a co-author of the report by the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency, which classed glyphosate as a probable carcinogen Prof Christopher Portier, one of the co-authors of the recent report by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which

Sri Lanka’s Newly Elected President Bans Glyphosate (Monsanto Roundup) – Deadly Chronic Kidney Disease Increased 5-Fold

As the US government comes up with ever more creative stall tactics, Sri Lanka’s newly elected president, Maithripala Sirisena, has announced that the import of Monsanto’s favorite killing-tool, glyphosate, will no longer be allowed in the country. Sirisena is a farmer and ex health minister, and blames glyphosate for rising rates of

970 Million Monarch Butterflies have been killed since 1990 in America by MONSANTO”S Herbicide Wiping out 90% Of Americas Total Monarchs population

A shocking statistic released by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on May 18th summed up the plight of the monarch butterfly: Since 1990, about 970 million of the butterflies – 90 percent of the total population – have vanished across the United States. The massacre provides a grim testimony to

USA Today Calls Citizens “Conspiracy Theorists” for questioning GMO’s (Video Showing effects)

Are you in favor of labeling #Monsanto Roundup-drenched genetically modified crops with toxic pesticides built in genetically? Perhaps you’re concerned after realizing that it was in fact Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide that was linked to #cancer by the World Health Organization? According to the mainstream media, you must be ignorant! Here's what outlandish

why genetically modified foods won’t save the world

Most of us know to avoid them because not enough research has been done on genetically modified organisms for us to feel safe enough to consume foods that aren’t grown naturally, as nature intended. However, advocates of GMOs argue that they’re the answer to world hunger and feeding more people.