Trey Gowdy Fights Tears As He Vows To Destroy Elite Pedophile Ring

Trey Gowdy fought back tears in Congress as he put the elite pedophile ring on notice, warning that anyone who dares interfere with his child exploitation investigation will be forced to publicly explain why they are obstructing it. On the first day back at Congress, Gowdy delivered an emotionally charged speech, discussing child sex

Geopolitical Update for March 6, 2017

As Thomas Williams continues to report, nothing the dark forces do is working, whether it’s a bloody revolution, sabotaged dams, or sending us back into time loops with increased Schuman Resonance. It’s all backfiring, and the dark is done, for all intents and purposes.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen

So, Another Day Another Dollar Right?? Wrong!!! Some Thought Provoking Insights About Life Today “Nate Max”

Another Day, Another Dollar Right???  Wrong. Every second of every day can be precious. We find ourselves in today’s busy world, always rushing. Rushing to get places, waiting, lining up for food, for our morning coffee, sitting in traffic frothing over it. We rush our food down, not appreciating what we are eating, or the

“A Gathering Of Momentum Part 5, Lifting The Veil On Our Reality” Harald Kautz-Vella, Shayne Benattar, Nate Max

Hey beautiful people here Is the Latest “Gathering of Momentum Part 5“ (Lifting the veil on our reality) web cast featuring world famous Harald Kautz Vella from Germany, (broad spectrum scientist) famous for his videos and info on Black Goo, A.I. “Artificial Intelligence” he is an industry expert on Geo Engineering. Shayne

Pure Intention, Pure Heart

When the INTENTION is TRUE it is as ONE. There is only one way forward and that is together as one and yes it can be done. First the hatred must come undone, the false pride must peel away for the blackened lies that truly are underneath, the ones used