How we can learn from Animals and every living thing

In fluff we trust!! The 4 legged cloud maloo. Its profound how much animals communicate with us and the amount of un conditional love they give. Animals don't run many filters or programs unless they learn them from the owners. Seeing un conditional love in action is a beautiful thing.

Why is the dog happier?

Why is the dog happier? The dog is living in the present moment he is not still holding onto the fact he didn't get to go for a walk yesterday, or depressed about the dog that tried to attack him in the park a week ago. He lives purely in

A Gathering Of Momentum “Star Seed Gardens”

Hey beautiful people thank you to all those who came to our seminar last weekend in Byron bay @Star Seed Gardens called “A Gathering Of Momentum” I was so humbled by the calibre of people who showed up, a room full of amazing likeminded people ready to receive this information which

All Pharmaceutical Companies Have Hid Far From Us The Fruit, That Treats Cancer. However, At The End – Everyone Should Know About It!

  share Fruit, that cures cancer and its effect is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. They do not want to know, as the largest drug manufacturers can no longer sell their terrible products … The strongest anti carcinogen on this planet. Guanabana or fruit of the tree soursop – it is a magical

“In the first 6 years of life your child receives the following Vaccine Ingredients”

: • 17,500 mcg 2-phenoxyethanol (Insecticide) • 5,700 mcg aluminum (a known n...eurotoxin) • Unknown amounts of fetal bovine serum (aborted calf's blood) • 801.6 mcg formaldehyde (carcinogen, embalming agent) • 23,250 mcg gelatin (ground up animal carcasses) • 500 mcg human albumin (human blood) • 760 mcg of monosodium L-glutamate (causes obesity & diabetes) • Unknown